About SurePay

SurePay was founded in 2016 and has since been providing the Confirmation of Payee service. In the years following our group of customers expanded from banks to corporates and partners. Today SurePay performs over 300,000 checks a day in the UK and works closely with Pay.UK to continuously improve its Confirmation of Payee solution.

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Make payments personal, easier and more secure

SurePay makes payments personal, easier and more secure. This way you can be sure that you are paying the right person or company. We are constantly working on improved features and checks. Future services will always be developed in close cooperation with our customers and partners.

Security is a priority at SurePay. This is why we are ISO 27001:2013 compliant. Each year a ISAE 3402 type II audit is executed at SUREPAY B.V. in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 framework. A successful audit proves that we comply with all points of the information security requirements standards.

3,000,000 checks per day

81% less invoice fraud

25+ Banks in NL and UK involved

Our clients

SurePay serves +30 banks and +150 organisations in the UK and beyond.

The people at SurePay

Our team consists of over forty five colleagues, located in the Netherlands. Below you will find a selection of the SurePay crew.

Management team

  • David-Jan Janse David-Jan Janse Chief Executive Officer
  • Marcel Rienties Marcel Rienties Chief Product Officer
  • Dorine van Basten Dorine van Basten Chief Commercial Officer
  • Friso Schutte Friso Schutte Chief Technical Officer
  • Ralf van den Berg Ralf van den Berg Chief Financial Officer

Business team

  • Paul Simpson Paul Simpson Business Development Manager UK
  • Adrian Lee-Jarman Adrian Lee-Jarman Business Development & Partnerships Manager UK
  • Bridget (Britt) Meyer Bridget (Britt) Meyer Business Development Manager Global
  • Richard Koldewijn Richard Koldewijn Business Development Manager Europe
  • Jamay Smits Jamay Smits Business Development Manager Netherlands
  • Maarten Knippers Maarten Knippers Product Owner United Kingdom
  • Mark Snelling Mark Snelling Delivery and Implementation
  • Ramon Verweij Ramon Verweij Marketing Manager
  • Arjan Peelen Arjan Peelen Finance & Operations Manager
  • Arthur Straathof Arthur Straathof Internal Sales & Implementation Manager
  • Rob Weerts Rob Weerts Project Manager

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