1. CoP Vendor Presentations Event
  2. Rabo fintech SurePay welcomes two international investors on its mission to prevent international payment fraud
  3. Triodos Bank UK selects SurePay’s Confirmation of Payee solution to help prevent fraud and misdirected online payments
  4. SurePay wins at the British Bank Awards and PayTech Awards
  5. Next week SurePay is sponsoring Finextra's EBAday 2021
  6. Webinar: Second Phase Pay.UK CoP Extended Capability
  7. SurePay Experiences Tremendous Growth Over the Past 12 Months
  8. CEO David-Jan interviewed by FinExtra about the role of FinTech CEO
  9. Webinar: SurePay’s Roadmap to Confirmation of Payee
  10. Surepay Shortlisted for the PayTech Awards 2021
  11. Interview by SurePay for the European Payments Council (EPC) about Confirmation of Payee (CoP)
  12. Meet Adrian and Paul: our new UK based colleagues
  13. SurePay finalist at the British Bank Awards!
  14. SurePay nominated for the British Bank Awards
  15. SurePay and Signicat receive Banking Tech Award!
  16. Brexit, New Year, but not a new service!
  17. Webinar 15 December: Confirmation of Payee, what will 2021 bring?
  18. Rabobank introduces Pay to Mobile with SurePay PayID
  19. SurePay nominated for several AltFi Awards!
  20. SurePay and Signicat nominated for Bank Tech Award!
  21. Atom bank Chooses SurePay to Prevent Fraud and Misdirected Online Payments
  22. SurePay has won a CIO Innovation Award!
  23. SurePay Nominated for the Computable Awards - Vote for Us!
  24. Webinar for insurers
  25. SurePay successfully launches Confirmation of Payee in the UK
  26. SurePay continues to grow as a Rabobank spin out
  27. SurePay’s growth spurt continues through 2019
  28. check live at ABN AMRO
  29. SurePay and FRISS sign agreement
  30. Results Account Check
  31. ING and Volksbank sign contract with SurePay
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