As Product Manager at SurePay you will help us to continuously improve our products and services, brainstorm and help define new innovations, define our growth areas and support our key customers from a product offering perspective. This is a key role in a fast-growing fintech company, reporting directly to our Co-Founder and Head of Product. 


Your job at SurePay

As a Product Manager at SurePay you will be responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the product life cycle. Everything from ideation to product go-live at the first customer. 

At SurePay we like to work according to Lean Startup principles, this means that everything we do starts with identifying a problem and defining our customer. This is the driver of product innovation: running experiments to validate hypotheses. This helps to define and shape what the next product or feature will be. 

As a product manager, you’re comfortable with gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements and defining the product vision. You will be working closely with Business Developers, Product Owners, Business Operations, Customer Success and Marketing to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. The Product Manager also makes sure that the products support SurePay’s overall strategy and goals and helps to shape them for the coming years.

With your experience in banks, payments and innovation, you’re the go-to person within SurePay regarding everything related to our bank products. You'll be on top of market trends, have an in-depth understanding of banks and their customer's struggles and needs, and will be kept busy following the latest payments technology developments. Your understanding of the latest payment technologies and trends will help you to shape loosely defined ideas into specific products and propositions. 


Required skills

  • BSc/MSc in Product, Technology, Business, or similar discipline
  • At least 5 years of experience in the role of Product Manager in the field of Payments
  • Strong network within banks and/or payments
  • Experience in dealing with banks, understanding the bank processes
  • Savvy with data and analytics, and experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools
  • Experience with managing API products and/or SaaS products is required
  • Good communication skills with fluency in English is required
  • Knowledge of Cross Border payments, SWIFT, etc and its impact on the operational side of banks is an advantage
  • Knowledge of recent developments like RTP, ISO20022, EPI etc is an advantage
  • Knowledge of fraud detection and transaction monitoring at banks is an advantage
  • Experience with Lean Startup is an advantage
  • Strong presentation skills – you can effectively visualize, shape, and communicate data and ideas in an understandable and interesting way
  • You’re a real team player, getting things done together is in your DNA!
  • Experience in innovation processes is an advantage


Your main tasks

Characteristic of a fast-growing startup is that roles are often versatile, as is the role of Product Manager. Your main tasks are: 

  • Validation and talking to customers. Through doing this, you get an insight into what kind of problems they are facing, can we potentially solve them, how big is the market and what are the requirements.
  • Deliver Market Requirements and Product Requirements with prioritized features and a clear Business Case around impact, revenue etc.
  • Define and communicate the product vision and roadmap to the company and other stakeholders
  • Run beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and samples
  • Work with external third parties to assess partnerships and licensing opportunities
  • Be an expert with respect to the competition
  • Act as a leader within the company


About SurePay 

  • Founded in 2016 
  • ± 80 employees
  • ± 30 nationalities
  • 1 office
  • Flat organisation
  • (Business) Casual
  • Average age: 36

SurePay makes payment easier, more personal and even more secure. We are a Fintech company, with the most well known product being the IBAN-Name Check, also known internationally as Confirmation of Payee. This product is purchased by almost all banks in the Netherlands, but also by major insurers, lenders, ministries and government agencies.

In total we have already carried out more than 4 Billion checks. Since we went live with IBAN-Name Check, the number of invoice fraud via transfers to Dutch IBANs has decreased by no less than 81%. 

SurePay stems from an innovation program of Rabobank, started in July 2016 and has been an independent BV since the beginning of 2020. SurePay is currently in the scale-up phase; we are engaged in the international roll-out of our services. In England we now have a foothold and we check 35% of all payments. Other countries are in the pipeline. We are currently working with 5 scrum teams and a business / sales team on our ambitious growth goals.

SurePay is being backed by three leading investors, specialised at scaling B2B SaaS solutions internationally and FinTech companies. Rabo Frontier Ventures, a strategic investment arm of Rabobank, Connected Capital and Iris Capital support our company's mission of preventing international payment fraud.

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